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Be Inspired To Start Your Journey

Welcome To The Transformation Re-set!

If you're seeking support and guidance to take charge of your health, look no further!

Hi! I'm Asheba Sancho, a Certified Health Coach, holistic Chef, and the visionary behind the 10-Day Raw Garden Re-set. Teaming up with the incredible Certified Personal Trainer, Lakeishea Childress, we've elevated the Raw Garden Re-set by introducing a daily exercise component. This powerful combo not only provides your body with the essential nutrients needed for your cells to thrive but also enhances your fat-burning capabilities and rids your system of unwanted toxins. We're thrilled to offer you this transformative opportunity just in time for the upcoming spring season – picture the amazing changes ahead [big smiles].

With God's word as our guide, we will start by intentionally transforming our thoughts and habits around health and wholeness so we can experience lasting and sustainable results.

It is time to experience the change you've been desiring. Embark on this life-changing wellness journey with us to reset and detoxify your body. Secure your spot now by clicking below.

The Transformation Re-set will

Reduce inflammation

Eliminate brain fog

Cut food cravings

Increase energy 

Burn fat

Detoxify the body

Boost overall health

and much more...

What To Expect

Before The Re-set you will receive:

  1. Access to my Raw Garden Re-set E-Guide, including a 10-day printable journal tailored for the Re-set. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare in advance and chronicle your daily progress.

  2. Access to our pre-transformation video one week prior to the Re-set.  This help to reshaping your thinking around food and health from God's word.

During The Re-set you will receive:

  1. Access to our private online platform with support from us (your coach and trainer) and your fellow group members (The Sisters).

  2. To daily video calls, specifically tailored to your journey.  This is designed to keep you on track and motivated to complete the Re-set.

  3. A daily workout plan tailored to compliment your journey and establish healthy habits.


Mar 15, 2024, 6:00 AM – Mar 24, 2024, 11:59 PM

Our Complimentary Support Post-Reset

As your dedicated coach and trainer throughout this life-changing experience, our commitment extends beyond the Re-set. We're here to assist you in making this a lifelong wellness journey.  Upon completion of the Transformation Reset you will receive a complimentary 7-day VIP PASS to our thriving communities. This includes my J10:10 Sisterhood Virtual Group and Lakeishea's Personal Training Fitness App.   

 J10:10 Sisterhood Virtual Group

Gain exclusive benefits with our holistic approach:

  1. Unlock access to my extensive health food library, filled with resources on transforming your kitchen from conventional to holistic.

  2. Receive valuable tips for successful meal prep along with instructional videos.

  3. Experience unwavering support from both myself and sisterhood community.

Personal Training Fitness App 

Elevate your fitness plan seven days post Re-set with a dynamic routine of alternate days featuring invigorating exercises, essential stretches, and crucial rest in between. Join Lakeishea and make your week truly amazing!

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