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Preparation WEEK


7 days

Preparation WEEK

Hi ladies, welcome to preparation week. This is where you get the opportunity to prepare well before kickstarting the10 Day Transformation Re-set. This is a lifelong journey so let's be intentional and use wisdom as we begin.

🐢Slow and steady wins the race...

Prep Week, Day 1 to 3

Day 1: Read and take notes of pages 1- 4 of The Transformation Re-set E-Guide

Day 2: Go through pages 5 - 10 of The Transformation Re-set E-Guide

Day 3: Print and begin utilizing The 10 day Meal Plan Journal

The Transformation Re-set E-Guide & 10 Day Journal

The Transfornation Reset E-Guide
Download JPG • 63KB

Prep Week, Day 4

Get an understanding of the workout plan with personal trainer Lakeishea Childress before starting The Transformation Re-set.

🌱If we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail.

Prep Week, Day 5

Shop all the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds you will need for the first 3 days. Have a clear plan before you shop and be mindful not to over buy as this can causes waste.

Prep Week, Day 6

Start preparing your meals in advance.

Example: Making and freezing smoothie bags, presoaking nuts, washing and chopping veggies for salads, making your salad dressings etc.

Prep Week, Day 7

Transition from sweetened beverages to water only.

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